Code Purple Trainings

You are invited to: CODE PURPLE TRAINING

Audience: Current Volunteers, New Volunteers, Prospective Volunteers, Prospective Code Purple Churches. Please plan on attending one of our summer training sessions to prepare ourselves for the 2016/2017 Code Purple / Cold Weather Season. Code Purple Hotline 302-519-0024.


  • Sunday June 26th—7PM

Host Church: Gateway Fellowship 8110 Cannon Rd. Bridgeville, DE 19933


  • Monday July 11th—7PM

Host Church: Laurel Wesleyan Church 30186 Seaford Rd. Laurel DE 19956


  • Thursday July 28th—7PM

Host Church: Salvation Army 23431 Sussex Hwy Seaford, DE 19973


  • Wednesday Aug. 10th—7PM

Host Church: Mount Olivet UMC 315 High Street Seaford, DE 19973


  • Tuesday Aug. 23rd—7PM

Host Church: Greenwood UMC 101 West Market Street Greenwood, DE 19950


Sussex County Code Purple will be open regardless of degree from January 1 until March 12th 2017 as these are cold weather months. Churches are asked to sign up for one week at a time and rotate each Sunday for a week block. The Month of January has already been filled for Men in Seaford.  If your Church is  willing to go through the process to qualify as a Code Purple Church, please contact us on getting ready! Churches can commit to a week or more, but no longer need to be on call the entire winter, as we are expanding our program. We are asking churches to step up and become a Code Purple Church and block off a week, now so we have our winter planned. Your church will be able to request reimbursements for expenidtures related to Code Purple. Dinner will happen at a different location from the code purple Church and are thankful for The House of Praise Church working on transportation. We already have totes and cots and plenty of warm blankets. We need your Church to join the Code Purple Team eith through volunteerism, location, support and most important, PRAYER! Plan on coming to atleast one of our Code Purple Training Session this summer. Training is open to all volunteers all over the county to learn how to love the least of these in a very tangiable way and become equipped to volunteer and/or how your church can be a Code Purple Church!

For More Information, you may contact: Code Purple Director Nikki Gonzalez 302-236-5533  Co-Director Vikki Pretyman 302-853-0997 – Email – Online  – Facebook – Code Purple Sussex County

Instagram – codepurplesussexcounty –  Twitter – CPSussexcounty

Love INC 302-629-7050                               updated 6/23/16

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